2019 Preservation Priorities|

Property Name:Lemoyne Middle School
Address:701 Market Street, Lemoyne
Owners:Real Estate Collaborative (REC) a subsidiary
of the Cumberland Area Economic
Development Corporation.
Priority Since:2019
Status:Threatened by demolition for site redevelopment

The former Lemoyne High School, later converted as the Lemoyne Middle School, was constructed in 1925 and is a landmark amidst later commercial development along Market Street.  The school closed in 2013 and has remained vacant ever since.  The building’s facade has Italianate and Romanesque features with an abundant amount of corbelled patterned brickwork as a major design element.  The rear portion of the building contains a series of later additions. Various proposals to redevelop the site are being considered by Lemoyne Borough Council although there is intent that the original front portion of the building be preserved, which may or may not happen.

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