Historic Harrisburg Association is a volunteer powered association. Everything we accomplish at Historic Harrisburg we do with the support and dedication of our members and volunteers. The donation of their time and talents are indispensable in helping Historic Harrisburg achieve our mission of “promoting historic preservation, urban revitalization and smart growth since 1973.”  With our full array of events and functions that generate operating revenue as well as appreciation for our mission, we have volunteer opportunities to fit all skills sets and interests. Some of the possible volunteer opportunities include:  

  • Event Planning
  • Event Volunteers
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Education, Preservation, and Advocacy
  • Facilities
  • Organizational Advancement
  • Administrative, Clerical, and Data Entry

If you have other ways that you would like to assist Historic Harrisburg Association, we would love to hear your ideas. To volunteer, please fill out the form below, stop by the Resource Center, call (717) 233-4646, or send an email to info@historicharrisburg.com

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